You Won’t Believe What This Dog Does When His Owner Yells At Him

source: youtube

YouTube user CERKirby’s adorable husky stole a potato skin off his father’s plate while he wasn’t looking. When being reprimanded, the guilty pup “speaks” over the uploader’s dad, whining and crying as he is being yelled at. The dog and the man argue for a solid minute and a half before the husky gives up and hangs his head down in shame, avoiding eye contact at all costs.

Huskies are known as one of the most talkative dog breeds because of their characteristic whine when spoken to. Dog owners would recognize the guilty look in a pup’s eyes whenever they’ve done something they know they shouldn’t have. Perhaps dogs really do understand more than we think they do.

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  • 激怒する飼い主に必死に弁明するわんわんお
  • そんなに怒らないで…(ノД`)・゜・。
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