Wonder Woman (2017) Trailer

source: youtube

  • First trailer for Wonder Woman. Make your predictions now, will the hatejerk for this movie surpass all previous hatejerks?
  • Trailer for Wonder Women is out and no misogynists disliking the video because of a woman in a action movie?! WHAAAT!!??
  • Trolls. It's finally here The first trailer for WONDER WOMAN! I'm SO FREAKING HYPED FOR THIS MOVIE!!!
  • The Wonder Woman trailer was debuted at comic con this weekend! I'm so excited, it looks awesome!
  • Female Secretaries are Slaves, Ok Sorry I'll make sure to fire them all in my company
  • Oh dear god, the propaganda gets worse. After (((Denial))) there's (((WonderWoman)))
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  • "Her Fight is Ours" (seems appropriate for this sub)
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  • ワンダー・ウーマン コミコン トレイラー