Women Reveal What A Perfect Penis Looks Like

source: youtube

Elite Daily, a YouTube channel whose main theme of research seems to be important life things, asked a bunch of women to draw their ideal penis size. Even though a general majority of the population deems that giant penises are the only way to please a woman, this video might prove them wrong. Average size, it turns out, is incredibly desirable when it comes to penises. The women in the video draw all kinds, big, small and average, curved and straight.

The woman featured in the video are from a broad range in terms of age and race, and each one of them had drawn a distinctly unique penis. Some are wide, some short, some with saggy balls and some even look like a French caricature. One of the women even traces around her arm and balled fist to create the perfect penis while the older lady who explains that she’s seen “many” penises.

  • "Big penises are evil"- Women draw their perfect penis
  • Women Draw Their Perfect Penis (2:35)
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