Weezer - Brain Stew

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  • Weezer once did an amazingly unique and beautiful cover of Brain Stew from Green Day
  • This is a great cover of Greenday's Brain Stew by Weezer, hope you guys enjoy!
  • TIL Weezer have covered Green Day's Brain Stew and done it awesomely
  • I'm not particularly into Weezer or Green Day, but this was special
  • I have never jammed out so hard by myself. Solid [8]
  • Forgotten and good cover of Brain Stew by Weezer
  • Weezer covering Green Day's "Brain Stew"
  • Weezer -- Brain Stew [Re-imagined Punk]
  • Great cover of brain stew by Weezer
  • Awesome Brain Stew cover by Weezer
  • Didn't know Weezer did Brain Stew!
  • Brain Stew -- Green Day (Weezer)
  • Weezer covers Brain Stew
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