Watch This Hilarious “I Love You Dad” Experiment

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Do you often tell your dad that you love him? How does he feel about you telling him that? Dads will often act differently compared to moms when told the three words “I love you.” In this video, the YouTube star Ryan Higa has compiled videos from his subscribers saying “I love you” to their fathers. The results were hilarious but also a bit heartwarming. The funniest part to us was that most of the dads replied with “Okay, what do you want?” What would your dad do in this experiment? Go tell him those three words and see what he says! Be sure to watch the whole video down below!

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    Rhoda Hickle
    Do people really not say I love you to their dads? I'm almost in my 30s and I do, but it's not something I've ever asked my friends.