Watch As This Impressive Robot Puts A Smile On A Young Girl’s Face

source: youtube

MIT has taken the traditional teddy bear to a new level, all to help children suffering with cancer to emotionally survive the scary experiences of staying in a hospital. The robotic teddy bear, known as Huggable, can do many amazing things. It can sense movements and can recognize when a person is touching it. It can carry on full conversations and play games as shown in the video. The entire operation of Huggable is run by an Android app. Is this not the coolest teddy bear ever? Take a look at the video for yourself and be blown away!

This robot is definitely something to consider using for families who are caring for kids with cancer or those that may do so in the future. Trying to overcome cancer can be quite traumatizing to children, so finding ways to soothe them can make the process of getting well so much better.

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