toy story 3 prank

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  • Two guys edit Toy Story 3's ending and gift it as a prank
  • Guy re-edits TOY STORY 3 so that ends with all the toys being incinerated and shows this very unhappy ending to his mom. She spends an entire day thinking Pixar traumatized a generation of children
  • Woman who hasn't seen Toy Story III given movie as a gift by her sons. Only they give her an edited version that makes it seem like the toys die in the furnace
  • Evil son re-cuts Toy Story 3 to have a depressing ending. Shows his mom and films her priceless reaction
  • Son pranks mom by editing Toy Story 3 to look like all the toys die (skip to 4:28 for reveal/reaction)
  • [Funny] Has to be my favorite prank I've seen of all time; I cannot watch this without laughing!
  • Kid edits Toy Story 3 to have a Dark ending and Screens the movie to his Mother
  • Kid edits the ending to Toy Story 3, then shows it to his mother
  • Kid edits the ending of Toy Story 3, then shows it to his mother
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  • Kid edits the end of Toy Story 3 to prank his Mom
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