Thrill Seeker Flies His Snowmobile Off A Mountain

source: youtube

As if the risks of either snowmobiling or base jumping from the top of a steep mountain aren’t high enough, this man and his team pushes the limits by combining the two extremes into a single stunt.

With duct tape and plywood, the team managed to attach a parachute onto a snowmobile hoping to make it fly. You probably wouldn’t want to trust your life with this stitched-together contraption, but Antti Pendikainen did and the results were awesome. Pendikainen surprisingly remained so casual mid-air, because it’s no big deal that he’s soaring off of a 1.5 km high mountain on something not meant to fly.

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    Gaetano McDermott
    Just some duct tape and some 2x4s, no problem