This Video Answers The Age-Old Question: Who Does Your Dog Really Love?

source: youtube

This hilarious video from Buzz Feed tries to answer the mystery that plagues most pet owners: “Does my dog love me the most?“. In this short clip, the dog is placed in the middle of his/her owners, and the respected owners attempt to call the dog at the same time to see who the dog truly “loves” the most.

The video features a recently engaged couple, two roommates, a father and his son, and finally, a mother and daughter duo, as they test out this comical experiment. All four of the trials pretty much start out the same as both sides desperately call their dog, but neither side is able to coax the animal.

Check out the rest of the video to find out the results, and why not try it with your pet, because we’re sure you’ve been wondering who it loves the most.

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