This Treadmill Dancing Dad Sure Knows How To Move

source: youtube

The internet loves nothing more than to see older guys dancing. More specifically, dads dancing always seems to bring great laughs. This dad took the craze to a whole new level when he incorporated a treadmill into his dance routine. David Greider, who has been a YouTube member since 2008, posted his first video earlier this week and it’s already gone viral.

It’s a three and a half minute video of the man dancing on a treadmill to the Maroon 5 song “Moves Like Jagger“, and this guy really does ‘move like Jagger’. The start of the video is a little rocky and Greider has to restart the song, but after the initial mess up he’s unstoppable. With dips, hip thrusts, spins, and swag walks, he does it all.

Whether you think he pulled it off or not, could you imagine if this was your dad? Hopefully, this video will inspire more dads to take up the mantle and film themselves dancing ridiculously to music.

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