This Older Woman Will Make You Want To Get Up And Dance With Her

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Dance is an infectious thing, as you see someone doing it and it makes you want to get up and dance with them. That is how we feel when watching this video, as this older woman was out taking her dog for a walk and she happened to walk upon a beatboxer on the street and what happened next is amazing!

She may have gray hair, but nothing is holding her back from feeling that music on a beautiful day. She is really getting into it and her energy can be felt around the neighborhood, as a circle starts to build around them to watch what is going on!

This is a great video and it will definitely bring a smile to your face and probably make you get off your couch and start dancing with her!

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  • 詰め掛けたオーディエンスはばあさんの久々のステージに期待で爆発しそうだ 今晩も伝説のダンスが弾ける。ストリート生まれヒップホップ育ち。本物のダンスが煌めくのだ。
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    Hilda Schinner
    Love how she is waving the poop bag around