This boggles my mind! Such a simple yet complex thing

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  • Vihart teaches you how to make Hexaflexagons [Unintentional][Female][Soft-Spoken][Educational]
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  • Hexaflexagons!! One of my favorites. [soft speaking][female]
  • Hexaflexagons!?!?! I can already hear your brain melting!
  • This boggles my mind! Such a simple yet complex thing
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  • Meet the hexaflexagon. It's about to blow your mind
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  • Hexaflexagons are the coolest paper transformers
  • I thought you guys might find this interesting
  • Get your mind blown by the HEXAFLEXAGON!
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  • Hexaflexagons are awesome
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  • Paper can be fun!
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    Brent Douglas
    It would be cool too see the hexagon unfolded so you can see what parts of the strip are colored. That might help unfuck my mind so I can sleep at night.