This 90 Year Old Veteran Goes Sledding With His Dog, The Result is Heartwarming

source: youtube

As proven by this 90-year-old War Veteran, you are never too old to go sledding!

Watching his great-grandkids play on the snowy hill near his family’s home in the Ten Mile area in East Tennessee, the World War II Veteran Claude Bratcher wondered what’s stopping him from having fun in the snow. According to his son, the kids were sledding, and he decided to take his grandfather to see them. However, the soon to be 90-years-old man surprised everyone by saying “I believe I’ll try it too“.

xcited, the kids, aged 5 to 17, took out their cameras to film the astonishing moment. However, Bratcher’s grandson-in-law had a better idea; strapping a Go-Pro camera on the sled and capturing the whole ride from a perfect angle. With his dog, who runs by his side as the old man remembers his youth, the video is truly heart-warming.

he 90 year old World War II Veteran Bratcher didn’t leave us without a lesson, saying that “you can’t sit down and do nothing. You have to stay busy, if you sit down and do nothing, you’re in trouble!” True Words Indeed!

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