They Poured Molten Aluminium Into A Watermelon, The Result Is Amazing

source: youtube

When the creators behind The Backyard Scientist decided to do this project, they ran to the YouTube community to see what the viewers believed would happen when aluminum was added to a watermelon. Both the viewers and the creators believed that the molten aluminum would cause the fruit to explode. Instead, there were no fantastic explosions but rather an amazing casting of the seeds and the seed chambers.

The Backyard Scientist is known for many different scientific projects, many of them involving aluminum. Last year, they did a video involving pouring the substance into a swimming pool, but the results were nowhere near as amazing as this.

  • The casting of this watermelon filled with molten aluminum gave me the heebie-jeebies
  • Not exactly silver but still an interesting (yet unintentional) casting
  • Pouring Molten Aluminum In a Watermelon. Awesome Surprise!
  • (accidentally) Casting the inside of a watermelon
  • Molten Aluminum Being Poured In A Watermelon
  • Pouring Molten Aluminum Into a Watermelon
  • Pouring Molten Aluminium In a Watermelon
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