These Break-Up Text Messages Will Shock You

source: youtube

Dating is already the type of ordeal you’re either really good at or you stumble along in the hopes of finding someone as awkward as you. Unfortunately, the more you date, the more you’re going to end up with someone sending you a final text telling you it isn’t going to work or that they are seeing someone else.

These regular people decided to read the final texts they have received through their recent dating lives. A lot of them are just depressing, some of them are kind of hilarious, and a few of them are just simply too odd to really comprehend. Really, there is “no chili”.

If you’ve ever received a break-up text or someone telling you they don’t want to go on another date, then chances are you probably know how these people are feeling while reading them out loud. It’s an awkward, sad experience to receive such a message. Life goes on, though!

  • People read on camera the last text they received from their ex
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