The worst basketball scene in movie history...(Catwoman)

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  • The worst basketball scene in movie history...(Catwoman)
  • The basketball scene in 'Catwoman' has amazing choreography and editing, and is one of my favourite b-ball scenes ever
  • Is this Catwoman basketball scene the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity since the Holocaust?
  • While we all celebrate the holidays, let's take time to remember this movie actually exists
  • We all saw Spider-Man playing basketball, but let's not forget that Catwoman did it first
  • The REAL best movie scene. If you are a fan of basketball, you're in for a treat
  • but how...? those cuts are terrible... [Genre = wtf/superhero? not sure]
  • Ridiculously stupid Catwoman basketball scene featuring Halle Barry
  • All I could think about during the basketball scene in episode 2
  • Possibly the worst Movie Scene of all time. (seizure warning)
  • Catwoman's basketball scene is seriously painful to watch
  • Matt, you have to watch the catwoman basketball scene!
  • In his spare time, Kevin Dunn enjoys producing movies
  • Maybe some things can be worse than the holocaust
  • Remember when Catwoman Played basketball? (2004)
  • I can't believe how tall giraffes really are!
  • Halle Berry's Basketball scene from Catwoman
  • DAE Think this is the greatest thing?
  • Worst scene from a terrible movie
  • first post please dont hort me
  • Masterful jump cut usage
  • Absolutely horrible
  • #ballin
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