The previous 25 comedians had been booed off stage - The last comedian vs 400 hecklers

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  • After 25 comics get booed off stage at a London Comedy Store Gong show, this American comedian wins the crowd over
  • The previous 25 comedians had been booed off stage - The last comedian vs 400 hecklers
  • If you're not familiar with Russell Hicks, he really is a fucking gem to watch
  • If you haven't done the comedy stores gong show, know this act is heroic
  • After 25 comedians get booed off stage, Russell Hicks doesnt
  • Russell Hicks takes on 400 terrible human beings
  • 1 v 400 hecklers
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    Florida Keeling
    Wanda Sykes Boo'ed Off Stage for Anti Trump Rant.... ... IN BOSTON LOL
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    Dorcas Runolfsdottir
    Problem is that confidence isn't something you just decide to be. Confidence is the result from an upward spiral of neutral or positive reinforcement from your actions. It's a lot easier to be confident once you've got the ground work already laid out for you; but if your ground work consists of a childhood being made fun of it's a bit harder to get yourself off the ground. Of course no one who is a standup comedian started out great. But not even the most confident of people would be able to keep doing it if he were booed off the stage each time.
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    Emily Johnston
    yeah thats him lol. They booed the comedian before him off the stage brutally so he just went out and ripped on their city for while counting down how many minutes he had left in his set in order to fulfill his contract and get paid
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    Anais Hoppe
    A racist and sexist "comedian" was booed off stage by people who PAID to see this racist and sexist comedian, then blames her audience for being racist and sexist.
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    Omari Beer
    "Black Comedian Booed Off Stage by Trump Supporters"
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    Kevin Stiedemann
    oh yeah. he'll fall the way of that one woman comedian i won't name who got booed off the stage and then fired by one of her biggest sponsors
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    Dorian Hermann
    blame the shitty female comedians who politicize the craft to cover for their own ineptitude. They will always bring up the fact they are a female comedian and harp on about their vagina. If a male comedian went on about his penis in detail for more than a minute, he'd probably get booed off stage and even get strange looks. The problem is, no one is talking about the good women comedians because they dont try to hog the spotlight by being in the field to show "see women do it too" Betty White has been doing comedy for longer than anyone in the field and she's still funny. Her schtick in the 50's was a reserved lady-like woman who would say inappropriate things in a subtle manner. Now she's the friendly sweet grandma who does the same thing, which is part of her appeal, and she's *STILL* funny. So it's not like these people are blazing trails. Especially when you have people like Silverman whose agents push them as "bringing sexy back to comedy" No we don't need sexy, we need funny.
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    Cielo Greenholt
    Some jokes zing and some jokes crumble. Comedians are booed off stage before they find their nitch right? Don't think because your joke sucked means that you're a bad comedian. At least you're not Amy Scheumer trying to embarrass her fanbase, but your jokes could use some work with delivery.
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    Dave Dickens
    Dude I said the same thing and people down-voted the shit out of me. I guess it's like that comedian who almost got booed off stage for knocking on flip just gotta know your audience. And apparently Reddit LOVES colon cancer.
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    Brandyn Sporer
    Are you saying you're looking for a comedian that will openly show that they support Trump? Haha, well, good luck. Trump is still, without a doubt, the candidate with closet supporters. It's insane. Per CNN's own national poll, he's beating Hillary, and people still feel like they can't publicly wave a little Trump flag around. Maybe I'm biased, but from what I see now and from what I saw when I was against Trump, anti-Trumpers are *WAY* more aggressive than those that are supporting him. Somebody that has made their career and livelihood off of having everybody like them is not going to risk being on the wrong end of a Trump protest. Then you couple that with how it is somehow publicly okay to always talk trash about Trump, and the behavior of making a joke is socially acceptable. I try and not get too dramatic too often, but if there's anything about my generation that makes me depressed or concerned for our future, it's this. Such a blatant and unquestioning disregard for willingness to have an open mind or willingness to heard another's views. The second Louis CK says "Yeah, Trump's actually not too bad" he'll be booed off the stage. I've been seeing it more and more lately and it's become a genuine fear of mine that it won't stop.
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    Allen Hermann
    There are many cultures which exist, all with their reasons. Be the exception. I'll try to explain why this happened. Reddit is a large audience, and if you're a shit comedian you'll be booed off the stage quickly. This form of culture has existed for... Ever.
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    Rahsaan Zieme
    So clever. You must be a comedian. Shame you get booed off the stage every time. How is the light tank not OP?
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    Isom Paucek
    Thought I'd Google this and found the back story to one of Gervais' funniest videos IMO. "As with many 'live' music events, the Concert for Diana was plagued by a number of technical problems, the most glaring of which occurred during comedian Ricky Gervais's stand up routine, before Elton John's musical finale. As a planned seven minute routine became ten minutes and finally fifteen, viewers saw a visibly flustered Gervais floundering as a stagehand held up signs saying 'two minutes', 'then 'one minute'. The stand-up comic looked somewhat bewildered as he rapidly ran out of material -he was not allowed to use material from his current stand up show Fame for legal reasons. He went on to deliver a rendition of a song that David Bowie performed on his show Extras before finally being told to 'link to the BBC'. Before handing back to an equally unprepared Claudia Winkleman and Jamie Theakston, Gervais remarked 'this is a shambles'. During the piece, by popular demand from the crowd, he performed his famous "dance" from The Office. Following Gervais' critically panned appearance at the memorial concert, the Guardian ran a column by Daily Mirror television critic Jim Shelley entitled "Call Me Crazy... But Has Ricky Gervais Lost It?"[1]. The web-based version of the column attracted hundreds of comments, many of them substantially in agreement that Gervais had become a "tiresome embarrassment." Shelley also alledged that Gervais was booed off stage. Gervais later told British radio station Heart FM, "After the Diana concert there was one guy - who works for a tabloid - and he wrote that the crowd booed… they didn't boo, they loved it." "People love it when something goes wrong and I was standing there and they demanded I do 'the robot dance' and it was funny." A week after the concert, while introducing Marti Di Bergi and Spinal Tap at Live Earth Gervais joked, 'Now listen, we're running late, so I'm gonna be off this stage in 30 seconds, whether Elton John is fucking ready or not,' making him one of a number of people to swear on live TV at the event. Shortly after Shelley's column, the Guardian noted that Gervais had responded with "an exhilaratingly foul-mouthed tirade" on his website, concluding with the words, "Yes I am resting on my laurels you cunt!", in this video Gervais mocked Jim Shelley typing the words "Resting on his laurels" as Ricky jokingly lashed out by stating he was resting on his laurels and that he was not going to make another show for television and saying "What's the point? What is there to beat?".[2] The debacle came full circle in September when Stephen Merchant won Best Comedian at the GQ Awards, which was presented by Elton John. When he was announced the winner, Merchant continued to sit at his table and eat some cake. After making Elton John wait for a few minutes he eventually strolled up to the stage to collect the award. Merchant later said 'I thought I would keep Elton John waiting for a change as he did to my friend Ricky at the Diana concert.'"
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    Retha Cole
    >You seem to think that funny can't come from sounds. You've never heard a funny sound before? That is only funny to children. You could say a raspberry is a "funny sound" but you would and should get booed off the stage if you just start blowing raspberry's as a "bit". She lacks skill and talent. >But you shouldn't marginalize the people that do find stuff like that funny. Yes I should, they are the lowest common denominators and they deserve to know it. > In that bit, she brings up how the impact of a word diminishes after you first learn it. But you can bring all the disgust back by just saying it a different way. But then that loses it edge, so she keeps distorting over and over to keep the theme going. WOW! You mean the English language uses inflection? _Crazy!!_ Lowest. Common. Denominator. >so she keeps distorting over and over to keep the theme going Pussy, pussy, pussy! Ahahahahaha so funny. Don't you think its hilarious because im saying a "rude" word. Isn't it hilarious how I say pussy in a funny voice? /s >It's an emotional response from somewhere you didn't expect. That's basically the definition of a joke, and jokes are funny. What a load of toss. That isn't in anyway the definition of a joke, a joke is something that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline. There is nothing funny about saying pussy, unless your 5 or have the metal age of 5. In wich case sure this is hilarious, but you don't need to be a comedian to make those people laugh.
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    Florine Hayes
    one of Adam Sandler's very first movies, Going Overboard. This loosely thrown together, badly shot and written movie isn't even to be found on IMDB. Here's the synopsis from the wiki: "Shecky Moskowitz (Sandler) is a struggling comedian working on a cruise ship. Shecky gets his chance to be the ship's comedian when it is thought that the regular comedian, Dickie Diamond (LaRose), had fallen overboard and drowned. (Dickie actually locked himself in the men's room) Shecky is nervous about performing, but King Neptune (Zane) convinces him to go for the opportunity by telling Shecky about the power of laughter. Shecky's first performance is very unsuccessful as he is booed off the stage, he is especially heckled by the construction worker Dave (Thornton). However, after a lecture by Milton Berle, Shecky succeeds in making the audience laugh. At that point, the terrorists come onboard and want to kill Miss Australia. Shecky, remembering the advice about the power of laughter, saves her by promising to put the assassins in a film." Just reading that should be enough to make you cringe. If you've seen it, you probably don't want to admit it. If you haven't even heard of it there's a pretty good reason, it's fucking terrible.
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    Skylar Stokes
    I would say most. The thing about being a comedian is that your charisma and charm are formed in the crucible of hatred, depression, and anger. Every top comedian has been booed off stage. Every comedian has to mine every inch of their lives for something that they can turn into something you will like. Louis ck only started getting big big when, and this is from his mouth, he was bored with his sets, angry at his life, and his kids were driving him mad. He then got on stage and said "I hate my kids" boom skyrocket to the top. Sarah Silverman wet the bed into adulthood. Jim Carrey was homeless growing up and wrote a check to himself for 1 million dollars to cash when he made it. Jim gaffigan was absolutely perfect for that plagiarism piece "written by" Shia lebouf. You have to dig deep to be a successful comic.
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    Enoch Grimes
    I had NO idea they were going to have so many comedians on tonight! I just heard a 350 pound woman from Maine say the 'Democrat Party is the party of democracy' - best part? she is a Bernie Delegate Then this comedian called Steny Hoyer gets on and says 'we are here tonight to nominate Hillary Clinton for her ABILITY, EXPERIENCE, and VISION' - I almost died of laughter, great roasting job! Those are the 3 reasons why not to vote for her Not every comedian has been so well received. This one comedian from Florida named Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was making her opening monologue about 'party unity' -- she got booed off the stage!
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    Alta Trantow
    It doesn't matter what the joke was. A comedians job is to make an audience laugh. If it was so seriously offensive then most people would've booed him off the stage. A comedian doesn't just get to go on stage, act like an asshole, and get away with it. Every night is trial by fire, and they see how far they can push the audience because right at the border of safe and too far is a sweet spot that every famous comedian tries to find. Comedy is a reflection of the audience and society, and that's the way it needs to stand, or else it'll be watered down and completely ineffective in its purpose.
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    Casey Rempel
    People post this clip without context. The crowd was rowdy and heckling every comedian that came up. Bill had enough after they booed the guy before him off the stage, and decided to ditch his planned material and instead spent his entire set shitting on Philadelphia in every way possible. Thus his set is somewhat incoherent but what's impressive is he did actually get some laughs from them despite the fact that he was legitimately mad at them, making fun of their city, and it was all completely off the cuff.
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    Leif Mitchell
    > What a lot of people don't realize is that delivery and stage presence is a massive part about how the joke is received by the audience. I think it was Louis CK who said that every pause, stutter, or um in his sets is planned out Exactly. A comedian with a style much different to Louis CK trying to tell his jokes would probably get booed off the stage. He gets away with his most offensive shit all because of his delivery which is an art he has pretty much mastered.
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    Lou Ritchie
    I thought for sure this would be the [Bill Burr Philadelphia incident]( (sorry for low quality) Hours into a comedy festival the people of philly had started booing every comedian off the stage. The people of philly are a notoriously tough crowd, I mean they once booed santa and chucked snowballs at him at an eagles game. Burr got up on stage and spent 12 minutes just ripping into them.
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    Jennie Kunze
    Segregating what is appropriate to say isn't the right way to ensure they reach equal rights in society. Making these distinctions is what leads to people being salty. Take a look at Amy Schumer. She tells a story about her taking advantage of a drunk/passed out guy and people just laugh. If a male comedian told this story he would be booed off the stage and the next day would have rape allegations charged against him.
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    Marques Bogan
    The back story to this set, which you can't necessarily tell from the video, makes it even better. A comedian was booed off stage, then Martin Lawrence went on and tried and failed to calm the hostile crowd down, and then Bernie jumped on stage anyway. Hence the "I ain't scared..." repetition. Makes the way he controls the room seem even more impressive.
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    Vesta McCullough
    I used to work audio for a small amatuer comedy night at the pub, comedian had everyone going really well then made a joke about how in France girls pay to be raped (I do not know if this is true, and I do not really want to know). The whole room changed quicker than I've ever seen he got abused and yelled at and booed off stage
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    Winona Cremin
    He performed at my high school in 95, likely close to the time that he was starting out. He was well received, especially since the other comedian was booed off the stage. I remember the show being nearly identical to the video you're referring to. We're talking 20 years of the same crap.
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    Emelie Homenick
    His movie Comedian sealed it for me. How many people would throw a routine away that famous? And be willing to start from scratch and get booed off the stage even though he was one of the most successful comedians of all time. That's something to admire.
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    Ericka Bergnaum
    Reminds me a bit of when Bill Burr walked on stage after the comedian before him got booed off and [proceeded to rape everything Philadelphia holds dear for 11 minutes[(
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    Harmon Kub
    Last year wasn't very good. But the year before with Ludacris was great. That one shitty comedian was super drunk/on drugs and he got booed off the stage. But Luda killed it
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    Eino Jones
    Jason Sudeikis, aka the poor man's John Krasinski. He's not a comedian per se but that's just because his bland, boring, uninteresting, generic-as-fuck personality would get him booed off stage. Fuck that guy.
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    Gabe Greenfelder
    I saw Tenacious D live when they were touring for their 2nd album, I've never seen a comedian get booed off stage so hard, the crowd was pelting him with whatever they could get their hands on. He had one good joke.
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    Alexanne Boyer
    /r/iamverysmart Well, it isn't obvious because the fucking title is "Comedian vs 400 hecklers". So watching the video we assume it's that, not a competition where the audience purposely boos comedians.
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    Hope Reichert
    some of the comedians were really good tonight -- others not so much. They booed off the stage this one comedian, Debby Wasserman Schultz during her opening monologue
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    Mateo Veum
    Like George Carlin once said, you can joke about anything. George Carlin(greatest comedian of all time) might get booed off a stage by SJWs nowadays. :\
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    Marguerite Fisher
    The previous 25 comedians had been booed off stage - The last comedian vs 400 hecklers (
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    Otha Braun
    She should just have been booed off stage for being an awful comedian
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