The Kiss

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  • The Kiss
  • "The Kiss" or "The Artists," a sketch done as a silent film in part which very quickly escalates. [x-post from videos]
  • What appears to be a lighthearted skit goes incredibly wrong
  • No wonder! If that's how you do it I've been wrong for years
  • It starts out nice enough... And then goes batshit crazy
  • BriTaNick go in a WHOLE new direction with their comedy
  • The kiss by Britannick. These guys are awesome
  • Well... That escalated quickly (Taylor Swift)
  • Boy, that escalated quickly. [Video, 3:59]
  • Interesting take on the romantic comedy
  • Cute short film takes very dark turn
  • Hilarious parody of silent cinema
  • That was... Quite the plot twist
  • Well.... that went bad quickly
  • Women get everything so easily
  • That escalated really fast
  • How to properly find love
  • How to win over a woman
  • Happy Valentine's Day
  • The Kiss - Britanick
  • BriTANicK "The Kiss"
  • Well that was weird
  • Worth it
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