The Greatest Hit of Disturbed

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  • The Greatest Hits of Disturbed
  • I know it's not prog, but I feel like you guys can appreciate this: Why Disturbed is a Shitty Band
  • In honor of the upcoming Disturbed concert (Centurylink center, Wednesday, May 11, 2016)
  • The greatest hit of "Disturbed". Hysterical if you know of the band
  • One of the funniest and truest parodies on YouTube
  • Disturbed! - As you've heard them before!
  • Disturbed greatest hits are finally out!
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  • Greatest hits of Disturbed (Parody)
  • Disturbed's greatest hits
  • My favorite band as a kid
  • Neks greatest video
  • Oh Yuh-muh-nuh-muh
  • Watch and enjoy
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