"The Backwards Brain Bicycle" - Smart Every Day. Mindblowing experiment in unlearning how to ride a bike

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  • I know this doesn't seem relevant at first. But I see an incredible metaphor here for the body politic. - The difference between knowledge and understanding. Cognitive bias. And just how hard it is going to be for people to believe any differently tha...
  • This video is very relevant to the process one's brain must go through to unwind years of systematic programming by the JW org. It is important to realize that everyone in the org must essentially taught to ride a bike again when it comes to their thi...
  • Bike riding as a great example of how even subconscious habits are fundamental to our everyday occupations - and what happens when even a slight change alters the way those habits function through our world
  • The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Proof that "most" of our Actions (which is a result of our habits & beliefs) are based on the Subconscious memory & not on the Conscious memory
  • The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133 ..(This guy can ride a bike, then has to forget, to ride his new backwards bike) hilarity ensues
  • Would this be an example of catastrophic failure similar to that found in neural networks? [Interesting video on how to relearn cycling]
  • Not necessarily MTB, but it shows how our brain operates with riding a bike. Interesting as fuck and features a backwards bicycle!
  • The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133 (reposted from the front page.. good video about the ability to learn/unlearn)
  • This is cool. Destin from Smarter Every Day un-learned how to ride a bicycle using a "backwards bike" - and then re-learned it
  • A perhaps seemingly irrelevant, yet absolutely fantastic analogy for the process of awakening: The Backwards Brain Bicycle
  • "It's just like riding a bike". -- This man has actually managed to forget how to ride a bike. That is simply fascinating
  • If I were to conduct a study of TDCS potential to improve neuroplasticity, I'd use a backwards steering bike
  • "The Backwards Brain Bicycle" - Smart Every Day. Mindblowing experiment in unlearning how to ride a bike
  • Unlearning how to ride a bike by riding a bike with handlebars that react backwards - Smarter Every Day
  • Your brain is plastic! If you can unlearn how to ride a bike then you can unlearn PMO brain pathways
  • Knowing is NOT understanding - some insight into why its so hard to change learned beahviours
  • A rocket engineer and his son tries to learn, un-learn and re-learn how to ride a bicycle
  • The Backwards Brain Bicycle or a video on unlearning something to learn something new
  • Unlearning how to ride a bike - The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133
  • The backwards bicycle! Not sure who's seen this but it's a fascinating experiment
  • The Backwards Bicycle shows how stuck our mind can get if we don't pay attention
  • Reverse steering bike experiment. Impossible to ride with steering reversed?
  • Another recent gem seen on r/meditation - The Backwards Brain Bicycle
  • The old backwards bicycle Q-/K-day trick. Partly filmed in Amsterdam
  • So it seems you can unlearn how to ride a bike (Also re-learn it)
  • [Video] This is oddly motivational - The Backwards Brain Bicycle
  • Very powerful...patience and it will all tie into exmormonism
  • Pretty great idea for a burner bike that can't be 'borrowed'
  • This is how enlightenment works. :) If you know what I mean
  • TIL: People Can't Ride a Bike With the Steering Reversed
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  • Not sure if repost but mind blowing none the less
  • Watch this when you're high. I'm flipping shit
  • A perfect, theft-proof bicycle for the playa
  • I'm sure there's a lesson here for exmormons
  • Backwards Bike will break your brain
  • Has anyone tried one of these bikes?
  • TIL you can unlearn to ride a bike
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  • When you learn to fly backwards
  • 1mも進めない!超難しい逆方向自転車!だけど子供はスイスイ〜
  • "YOU cannot ride this bike"
  • No one can ride this bike
  • The backwards brain bike
  • Overcoming a bias
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    Ramiro Rice
    It frustrates me that your brain has to "revert" itself constantly and does not just create an extra connection to master both ways of riding the bicycle. You have to spend time re-learning the experience it isn't "used to" anymore. Pretty interesting overall.
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    Christopher Lockman
    This reminds me of that scientist who wore glasses with flipped lenses so everything was upside down. After a long period of time, his brain actually flipped the flipped image and he could see normal again. Then when he took them off everything was flipped