Team America - Dicks, pussies and assholes

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  • There are three types of people in the world
  • Whenever I deal with people, I can't help classify them as one of these 3 personalities... [A Re-Post Of Course, But Worth It For Relevance]
  • People complain that Trump is a dick. I would remind them that our government is full of assholes
  • See there's three kinds of people. Moderates, liberals and alt-righters
  • Mulclair is a dick, Trudeau is a pussy, and Harper is an Asshole
  • dicks, pussies, and assholes (nsfw:language)
  • Team America - Dicks, pussies and assholes
  • This video explains the meaning of life
  • But dicks also fuck assholes, Chuck
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