Store clerk grabs baby as mother goes in to seizure

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    Sage Sauer
    Awesome move, clerk! I've had seizures in public before and strangers respond right away. It's scary as hell everytime, but I'm so relieved when there's a sweet someone holding my hand when I come to. It was suggested I edit to post what to do when someone in front of you seizes: Keep the person from falling and hitting their head, cushion the head- it will likely be repeatedly bouncing on the floor, and then clear any objects around that may become dangerous while the flailing jitters happen. After the tremors end, get them on their side for recovery. If they are having trouble breathing, make sure their airway is open. Call an ambulance if the seizures lasts more than a few minutes. And don't put anything in their mouth! In my case (fainting and seizure-like), get my legs up so blood gets back to my brain. Sometimes anxiety enters the picture and I need to be told to constantly breathe. Hmm I think that sums it up. I'm curious what a person with epilepsy would recommend or prefer.
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    Beryl Smitham
    More impressive than WTF. If it happened to me, though, I definitely would be all "wtf" and nowhere near as quick thinking as this person
  • store clerk grabs baby as mother goes in to seizure