Steve Irwin Greatest TV event. Rare Snake Bite. Sunshine TV.

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  • Snake bites Steve Irwin on the Neck, he stays calm and even apologises to the TV show host
  • If only South Ameristralia could still vote this man - as the Souths ambassador. "Does it hurt". Steve Irwin - "nup". Legend
  • A young Steve Irwin gets bitten by a snake on television. I love the classy and calm manner in which he responds
  • TIL Steve Irwin was bitten in the neck by a python on live TV during an early gig on a children's show
  • Steve Irwin gets bitten by snake (1991) "You might have to cut, he's biting my neck"
  • Steve Irwin gets bit by a snake on the neck and doesn't even flinch (0:59)
  • Steve Irwin gets bit on the neck by a snake on live TV, remains unfazed
  • A young Steve Irwin on one of his first TV appearances. Gets bitten
  • sssss. wildlife man says snek wont bite... actually snek bites
  • Steve Irwin apologizes for being bit by a python on live tv
  • Steve Irwin might be the biggest badass who ever lived
  • Steve Irwin gets bit by snake on live TV, keeps going
  • Still to this day, nobody has filled this mans shoes
  • Did that hurt? No... sorry about that (Steve Irwin)
  • Steve Irwin gets bitten by a snake on TV (1991)
  • Young Steve Irwin apologises after snake bite
  • Steven Irwin, imagine that Podcast
  • How Australians treat snake bites
  • Watch the dog puppet's reaction
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