Snacking With A Real Life Homer Simpson

source: youtube

There are very few things better in the history of TV than “The Simpsons“. During its heyday it was turning out episode after episode of classic comedy that has stood the test of time. Any long-time fan can almost certainly quote entire seasons or find the perfect moment to drop a Simpsons’ character impression in to a conversation.

Yes, the show has lost some of it’s luster as it approaches something like it’s billionth season now but people are still as obsessed as ever. Exhibit A: This video from CinemaRaven which shows a man doing a perfect human impersonation of Homer, fully dressed and fully stuffing his face. In only one day it has gained over 240,00 views. Just don’t try and count the number of calories he is ingesting.

It’s a quick clip but put it on repeat and it’s like watching a Lava Lamp.

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