Severe Storm Causes Dauphin Island Regatta Disaster, 2 Dead

source: youtube

On Saturday, April 25th, “The Superbowl of Sailing” was held on Dauphin Island. This is the one race of the season that every other race builds up to. However, this time the weather wasn’t having any part in cooperating with racers. In fact, winds reached 60 Knotts, leading to quite a catastrophe. Joshua Edwards caught what happened next via a GoPro camera that he was wearing on his head as he rode out the storm in his sailboat.

The names of those who died in the accident are still closely guarded as officials notify families and give them time to grieve. Nonetheless, most racers know who these folks are and think that it’s time to increase safety measures for this race. So, next year maybe all four of Mobile Bay’s yacht clubs will combine their resources to manage the event.

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