Russian Superhero Movie

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  • Russian Superhero Movie
  • Guardians Trailer (2017): Russian attempt to copy Avengers, a bear with a machine gun is included
  • So, here is a trailer for "The Guardians" Russian Superhero Movie (Attention! Can cause cancer)
  • Russian super hero film has gideon character design in it..see 0.28 into it
  • Guardians Official Trailer (2017) - Russia's "Avengers Movie" [ENG SUB]
  • Ryssland släpper sin egen version av Avengers. Ryska superhjältar
  • Guardians - Official Trailer (Russian Superhero Movie)
  • Ебена мать!!! Just saщ thiz trailer. Must see movie!
  • Russians are making a movie staring bear stance udyr
  • Guardians Official Trailer (2017) - Superhero Movie
  • Russian superhero movie KKomrade
  • Cyka heroes
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