Racist Klan Fan Caught Wearing FUBU Shoes

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Here’s a note to anyone who wishes to keep the Confederate Flag flying high and who also wants to sport a couple of Ku Klux Klan tattoos where they are plenty visible. You might not want to also be seen out and about at rallies, especially with your racists friends sporting clothes that were made by FUBU. It appears that piece of advice came a bit too late for one unlucky Klan fan who is now the talk of the Internet after appearing on a video taken at a Confederate Flag rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

The man, who had at least two tattoos that were supporting of the KKK didn’t seem to understand the irony that he was wearing shoes made by a company founded by black people. FUBU is an abbreviation of For Us By Us. When it was pointed out to the man that what he was wearing on his feet, seemed to be a bit of a contradiction to what he was wearing on the rest of his body, he simply responded that the shoes a nearby black man was wearing were likely designed by a white man. Check out this clueless Klansman and tell us what you think.

  • KKK member at Stone Mountain during Confederate flag rally confronted for wearing FUBU shoes
  • KKK member at Confederate flag rally confronted for wearing FUBU shoes
  • This ding-dong decided to wear FUBU to the rally at Stone Mountain
  • Wolfie in the confederate flag FUBU video?? Sure sounds like him
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    Cameraman was terrible at getting his point across.
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