Purple Magic

source: youtube

  • Shit, I'm playin' kids. I'm high right now
  • This is my favorite song to smoke to, but today it was especially appropriate (got some purp)
  • This is now among my list of classic stoner songs. purple magic
  • This Workaholics music video has to be seen.. Purple Magic
  • Workaholic guys years before show : Wizard Weed
  • The Wizards (Workaholics) - Purple Magic
  • the guys of workaholics know whats up
  • Purple Magic by the Workaholics crew!
  • Purple Magic by the Workaholics guys
  • workaholics and their purple magic
  • Workaholics Crew- Purple Magic
  • Smokin on that wizard weed
  • The Wizards- Purple Magic
  • Purple Magic (wizards)
  • My life story in song