Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

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  • The Primitive Technology guy has outdone himself this time: smelting iron with nothing but mud, sticks, charcoal and ingenuity
  • I know it's not exactly prepper related but here's a new video from Primitive Technology. (Forge Blower)
  • Check out a real life primitive furnace. Shared because relevant. This guy is a badass
  • Cool primitive blast furnace - producing iron with nothing but primitive materials
  • Canal de YouTube para você se sentir um absoluto inútil que não sabe fazer nada
  • Forge Blower - Primitive Technology [No talking] [Wood sounds] [nature sounds]
  • Looks like there is no longer any excuse for me to not build a forge
  • Thought this would interest someone here: A Primitive Forge Blower
  • How to make a forge from scratch. Really from scratch. Must watch
  • Primitive Technology: Forge Blower (Oh god hes at It again)
  • Primitive Technology: Forge Blower [Primitive Technology]
  • How to smelt fucking iron with fucking sticks and stones
  • Don't over think forge design, it really is this simple
  • I think this guy is getting close to sending The e-mail
  • The Primitive Tech Man has reached the iron age
  • How the Nephites mass produced all that steel
  • The initial investment inhibitor is now void
  • Primitive technology. Crafting a Forge IRL
  • Newest video from Primitive technology
  • They should let this dude go on Alone
  • Man builds forge with found materials
  • PrimitiveTechnologyさんついに鉄器時代に突入か
  • Primitive ceramics at work
  • Ce mec est juste génial
  • Rust IRL
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