Powerful Marriage Equality Video In Anticipation For Ireland’s Vote On Same Sex Marriage

source: youtube

Riyadh K is a YouTube star and you may have seen him in another video where he had his mother read his Grindr messages, but he gets much more serious with this new video. Ireland is set to vote on marriage equality for the entire country on May 22nd and Riyadh K speaks on this subject and does it in such a powerful way.

While this may be going to vote in Ireland, it is a subject that hits home in most countries. The United States has the Supreme Court ruling on another case starting next week and we think Riyadh K sums it up pretty well: “To be with the one you want to grow old and die with is not a privilege. It’s a human right.”

Despite everything that is ever said on this subject, those two sentences put it all into perspective. The message in this video is so powerful and lets us hope that Ireland gets it right when they head to the polls on May 22nd.

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