Oh sorry let me help you with that

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  • rObOt hAs hAd eNoUgH Of bEiNg kIcKeD ArOuNd aNd dEcIdEs tO SuIcIdE, tAkEs oNe wItH HiM
  • Accidentally knocked down a motorcyclist? I'll make things right with him, WCGW?
  • When trying to help only makes the situation worse
  • Motorcycle fuCKING MURDERS the old man
  • Oh sorry let me help you with that
  • Quite a twist there at the end
  • Knocking down a motorcyclist
  • Whisky throttled that bitch
  • Something something r/moto
  • Just trying to help
  • Shortest nononono
  • Maybe Maybe Maybe
  • A helpful man
  • The scooter
  • BRAAAP!!
  • /(^o^)\
  • me irl
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