Museum Visitors Think They’re Looking At Expensive Art, They Are Wrong!

source: youtube

In this hilarious video, an inexpensive piece of art from IKEA is placed in a museum and visitors are convinced that it was made by a famous artist. The Dutch production company behind the gag has an online series titled “Lifehunters”, and the host of that show was the one responsible for fooling everybody.

The IKEA print was set up in a modern art museum in the Netherlands. Alongside it was the real art that was created by renowned artists. In the three-minute video, host Boris Lange convinces visitors that the IKEA piece was created by a man named “Ike Andrews” and that it is very valuable. He invited the onlookers to guess the price, and almost all of them guessed high. One visitor said that he would pay up to 2.5 million euros for it!

Before it gets too out of hand, Lange reveals to everyone that the print is from IKEA, causing most of the visitors to laugh.

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