Monk Skips Packed Beaches And Sunbathes On A Huge Wind Turbine

source: youtube

Kevin Miller, a drone pilot from the state of California went on an excursion to Rhode Island in order to help him research and catch some good footage for his film on wind power plants. At about 200 feet in the air, Miller noticed a moving speck on top of the turbine. At first he didn’t think much of it, but upon getting a closer inspection of the moving object he couldn’t believe his eyes. After a bit of confusion, Miller realized there was a bearded man napping and catching some rays on top of the large structure.

Apparently the loud noises from the drone ended up waking up the man on top of the turbine. The man even waves to Miller when he is woken by him. The man on top of the wind turbine was first though to be a maintenance worker who decided to take a nap on the job. However, once the news got out, it was learned that the napping sunbather was actually a monk from a nearby school.

According to the school that the monk works for, it is not really all that odd for monks to soak up the sun on top of large wind turbines. This monk surely was not afraid of heights and got the best sunbathing spot in town.

  • "Slacking on the job? Not on my watch, Pal." -Aircopter
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