Men Trying Women’s Swimwear is Creepy, Yet Hilarious

source: youtube

Men and women generally have different clothing styles and options when shopping around, though that doesn’t condemn a single gender from purely wearing what they are told to in the long-run. Buzzfeed recently decided to mix things up by having a group of varied men trying on women’s swimwear.

Kicking back and enjoying the beach has never been so creepy, and yet equally hilarious. These swimsuits were clearly made for a women’s body, though the men tend to fill them out nicely in some cases, too. However, the chest area tends to be a little loose on many of the men.

We’re a little worried that some of these guys enjoyed trying them on a little too much, but that’s not really for us to judge. The video has gone viral with over 2 million views, so people are finding entertainment from it, which is the sole purpose.

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