Medically accurate vagina jokes on Conan

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  • Hi! I'm this guy. I'm recording my album for Comedy Central Thursday night at the Laughing Skull and you should come!
  • "I recently joined a support group for people who peaked in high school - it's called Crossfit"
  • some anatomically correct stand-up jokes about the female reproductive system, to cheer you up
  • Comedian on Conan uses Medically Accurate names for Female Anatomy- This guy gets it
  • Medically accurate stand-up comedy on Conan. (Starts at 1:10)
  • Medically Accurate Vagina Jokes on Conan xpost /r/Videos
  • The best medically accurate comedy I've come across
  • Matthew Broussard Stand-Up 07/25/16 - CONAN on TBS
  • That's not gynecology, that's vaginal imperialism
  • Medically accurate jokes!
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