Massive Pillow Fight At Renowned US Military Academy Results In Injuries

source: youtube

You have heard of hazing and initiation rituals, but have you ever heard of the massive pillow fights that go on at West Point Academy?
An annual tradition in the prestigious military academy, the pillow fight has always been billed as a bonding activity and as an outlet for cadets to blow off steam at the conclusion of an intense and tough summer of training and learning.

This year’s installment, however, has allegedly left 24 participants injured as a result of pillowcases that were stuffed with hard, foreign objects. One cadet is currently suffering from a broken leg, while others have dislocated shoulders.

Held in August, the academy has since refuted the claims that severe injuries were sustained, and that all cadets have returned to duty. No plans have been made to end the tradition, dating back to 1897, and no disciplinary actions will be taken.

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