Mary Carillo's Badminton Rant - Athens 2004

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  • The best piece of Olympic broadcasting ever aired
  • This was taken off the air from a badminton broadcast in the middle of the night, US time. What starts as a normal description about the equipment turns into a full-on rant about how backyard badminton is *really* played
  • McEnroe isn't the only interesting neighbor that Marry Carillo has had. Meet Christopher Burr, it's always Christopher Burr
  • Badminton, Shuttlecocks with tree-seeking device, Baby duck rescue of 1997, all part of an epic sports commentary on NBC
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  • Mary Carillo works herself up into a rant about badminton during the 2004 Olympics
  • Evolves from badminton gear description to epic story about backyard badminton
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