​Mark Ruffalo Steps Into Scarlett Johansson’s Shoes

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Mark Ruffalo gets a taste of what it’s like being Scarlett Johansson during interviews, thanks to Cosmopolitan UK.

Cosmopolitan UK’s Claire Hodgson noticed that Johansson, like other female actors, gets asked the same questions during interviews when promoting the Avengers movies so to break the convention and put a twist in the interview, she asked those to Ruffalo. In this interview to promote their movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, you’ll hear Ruffalo talks about his diet, workout regimen, and the outfit he’ll wear and poses he’ll make to look more flattering on the red carpet. Meanwhile, Scarlet was asked questions usually reserved for the guys and talks about the character she played and her fight scenes.

As it turns out, we’ll get interesting answers when we flip the tables between actors and actresses during interviews.

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