Man Hops Zoo Fence To Pet Cougars, Regrets It Shortly After

source: youtube

In contrast to Australia, the US doesn’t have as much wildlife roaming around that can get your adrenaline pumping when you are near it. While Zoos feature a ton of frightening animals, most of them are behind barriers and in cages, thus you rarely have the opportunity to pet them. However, this Ohio man overlooked all the warning signs and decided to jump over a fence at a Columbus Zoo in order to be closer to Cougars and be able to pet them.

“I was thinking I’m an animal lover. The cats were looking like they wanted some love, [and I] just jumped over them,” Josh Newell, 35 explained further, when he was asked to explain his decision.

For our viewing pleasure, the Ohio man captured his wild endeavor on video, which you can check out below. Luckily, the Zoo staff were quick to get a hold of the intruder before anything bad happened to him, but the Zoo did press charges, using this video itself as evidence in court, making Mr. Newell regret his crazy adventure.

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    Marlene Kilback
    Jump the last double wired fence and then maybe we have some WTF happening.