Man Attempts To Steal A Bicycle From Someone’s House

source: youtube

Bicycle thieves are some of the worst individuals around. I mean, who would steal some kid’s bicycle from their home and then sell it. That’s a little kid’s only means of getting around. This bike, however, belonged to a grown man, and one who was not afraid to get a little dirty when someone tried to rob him.

The culprit takes a slow walk past the open garage, casing the joint before he turns around and goes in for a closer look. Upon seeing the garage empty, the young man grabs the bike from against the garage wall and begins to ride off down the driveway with it. However, the homeowner sees him trying to rob the house, so he takes off in quick pursuit.

A short sprint and a tackle later and the bicycle is completely safe. The thief probably got knocked up a little, as did the man who owns the house, but at least the robbery was unsuccessful. The YouTube uploader has updated his video, stating that the thief has been apprehended.

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