Little Boy Offers Dad A Helping Hand In Marriage Proposal

source: youtube

Andre Nordstrand wanted to propose to his long-time girlfriend in the best, most romantic way possible. However, Nordstrand needed a little help from his son to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, the boy was more than willing to help pull it off.

The couple – and the young boy – were atop a local mountain, making pancakes, with the perfect weather surrounding them. His son agreed to bring the gift to Nordstrand’s partner, asking her “do you want to marry my dad?” as she opened the present. At first, though, the young woman did not answer, so the boy had to ask a second time. It was a definite yes, though, as she jumped up and ran to Andre, embracing him quickly.

This is the type of marriage proposal many women probably want to experience for themselves. The beautiful, natural setting would offer the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening, ending in a beautiful ring and proposal.

  • So I had help from my 5 yo to propose to my girlfriend. The result came out a lot more charming than I anticipated
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