Linkin Park ft Chris Cornell - Crawling/HHH

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  • Two guys singing a song about how they can't deal with their life anymore - Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington sing Crawling together
  • Something a little different. Chris teaches Chester how to scream on stage. Linkin Park ft Chris Cornell - Crawling [Live 2009]
  • This video is just too much. Crawling ft. Chris Cornell. Handshake at 3:14 just threw me away
  • The second Chris and Chester sing together, my eyes tend to get wet... <3 you guys!
  • Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell sing "Crawling" together
  • Chester singing with his good friend Chris Cornell
  • Linkin Park with Chris Cornell performing Crawling
  • Chris Cornell joining Linkin Park on stage in 08'
  • Linkin Park (Feat. Chris Cornell) - Crawling
  • Linkin Park ft Chris Cornell - Crawling/HHH
  • Form & Shape - Golden Love
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