Lets see how you like the same

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  • MRW she wants to cuddle in the middle of the night but I'm just really sleepy
  • Hitdog reminds kitten of the potential consequences of annoying him
  • This one should probably be filed under /r/semipatientdogs
  • [Creation post!] Nibble my ear why don't you
  • Tiny kitten EATeN ALIVE by a MASSIVE WOLF
  • Just another gif of a dog loving a kitten
  • Lines were crossed, lessons were learnt
  • Let's see how you like it! OM NOM NOM
  • You know I could eat you right?
  • Lets see how you like the same
  • How do you like it?
  • Vs New White Belts
  • Maybe Maybe Maybe
  • Dog and kitten
  • Still gentle
  • Vengeance
  • woof irl
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