Lady gets unruly on United flight

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  • Woman pulled off my flight today
  • "I'M GONNA SUE THIS COUNTRY!". Entitlement is strong for a lady getting kicked off plane. Obligatory victim-screaming at the 1:58 mark
  • Bitch goes crazy over bitch on plane, or I've had it with these motherfucking dogs on my motherfucking plane
  • Woman on airplane refuses to put her dog in its carrier and the police remove her from the flight
  • Woman forcibly removed from plane flight after cursing at attendants
  • Stupid old lady and her stupid dog get forcibly removed from a plane
  • [8/15/2015] RIA OTD rite near rear posterior look i win
  • Woman gets unruly on plane. Gets removed
  • Lady gets unruly on United flight
  • I'm not gonna go to jail mister!
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