Kirsten Wiig Turns Into A Grill On Ellen

source: youtube

Kirsten Wiig is definitely something else. The actress stopped by The Ellen Show in order to sweep all of the giveaways from the competition Ellen was holding for the audience who presented the worst throwback photos. She chipped in with a photo that features her at her aunt’s wedding, with a perm in a white lace dress. Wiig described that day as: “I got a perm and put Sun-In in my hair because of Annie. Yeah… it’s just a Saturday morning.”

During her hilarious guest appearance at the famous daytime talk show, the comedienne talked about her recent musical performance with Sia and remembered how she also did a duet with Ellen in a rendition of Frozen’s Let it Go. At one point in the show, Wiig got two gifts from Ellen, one being a TV and the other being a grill. The hilarious actress continued to position herself behind the grill so it would look like the grill was answering all the questions, to which Ellen suggested somebody should crawl inside the grill and open its top half so it would look like it really is talking.

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