KANOA Review - Worst $300 Headphones Ever?

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  • Shady Kickstarter Company sends broken headphones to YouTuber and tries to pay for a positive review. YouTuber gives scathing review that shuts the entire company down
  • I pre-ordered a pair of Kanoa headphones over two years ago. After many delays I was still hopeful, then this review comes out. I'm crushed
  • PSA Kanoa is finally shipping and the reviews are in for this wireless earbuds. they went ghost and won’t refund me now
  • This Review Shut Down an Entire Company - Who then robbed millions of dollars from me & thousands of other customers
  • Hey guys the first video review of KANOA earphones are out. Sadly they went ghost and won’t refund me
  • Kanoa tried to pay for positive reviews to this YouTuber
  • KANOA Headphone Reviewer shuts down the entire company
  • KANOA Review - Worst $300 Headphones Ever?
  • KANOA Scam, don't fall for it like I did
  • Welp, this is a bummer
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