James Corden Plays A Hilarious Game Of Dodgeball With One Direction

source: youtube

The boys of One Direction stopped by The Late Late Show and played a game of dodgeball against a group of women called the Ball Busters. With Corden as the coach, One Direction lost the game in the most hilarious way possible. “It definitely feels like the last five years I’ve been in this band has all been preparation for this game,” said Harry Styles. His bandmate, Niall Horan, shared his sentiments: “The singing thing just kind of happened I wasn’t really planning a career in singing. It was all about dodgeball for me as a kid.” Louis Tomlinson says he has always been “dodgeball-obsessed. It’s such a big part of me.” But when asked if he had ever played dodgeball before, Tomlinson replied “No, no, never played.

The fashion title goes to Styles who wore a headband over his shoulder-length hair and the tiniest pair of shorts he could find. The clip provided a glimpse of his new thigh tattoo, which sent fans into a frenzy over what the tattoo actually represents. The funniest moments of the 7-minute video include Horan’s hiccuping laughter as Styles does sit-ups into Corden’s crotch area, Tomlinson and Styles doing a wheelbarrow, Corden telling Styles he looks like he’s a part of a “Hanson tribute band” because of his flowing locks, and Tomlinson being scrubbed down by Corden after the game.

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