Jack Nicklaus - Unbelievable 102 Foot Putt ! video

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  • Jack Nicklaus sinks 102ft putt out of pure spite!
  • During a golf exhibition Johnny Miller claimed it was not possible to make a 102 ft. uphill putt. Jack Nicklaus thought otherwise
  • Johnny Miller says there's "no chance" of making an uphill 102-foot putt. Jack Nicklaus quickly proves him wrong
  • 10 over after 16. I keep running in to the greenskeeper and having to wait. Mjnw I can't sink par putts today
  • Jack showed Miller the proper way to play the unique tiered 10th green at Harbor Shores
  • I played golf yesterday and got my first two birdies. Too bad still 10 over on 9 holes
  • I see your Michael Phelps golf putt and raise you a Jack Nicholas one
  • Golf will never make it to the top of WTF. But Jack Nicklaus should
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  • Jack Nicklaus - Unbelievable 102 Foot Putt ! video
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  • Jack Nicklaus - 102 Foot Putt
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