Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google

source: youtube

  • Apresentando Pixel, Smartphone by Google (Com a nova melhor câmera do mercado... e entradas para fones de ouvido)
  • Google's pixle commercial, very similar to the Apple "Don't Blink" commercial, which do you guys perfer?
  • I feel like Google attacked Apple; Passive-Aggressively. Here's the new Google Pixel
  • Google attacked Apple Passive-aggressively with their new Google Pixel Phone
  • Who thinks this should have been the main commercial for the Pixel on TV?
  • Google disrupting the phone industry. Warning: phone has a 3.5 mm jack
  • Lemaitre's Closer was used to introduce Google's new Pixel phone
  • This Video Has "Screw you Apple" Written All Over It! :P
  • Another subtle stab at Apple, courtesy of Google
  • Like, want a new phone, like, new, like, like?
  • Google claims new phone has 'headphone jack'
  • The most subtle "F*** you, Apple" yet!
  • Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google
  • Google's Subtle Retort to Apple
  • Introducing the Google Pixel
  • The New Google Pixel Phone
  • Ad for new Sir Face phone
  • Song(s?) used in this ad?
  • google's "pixel"
  • Pixel by Google
  • What is this?
  • ...
    Toy Dibbert
    Well, this makes my large purchase of the 128Gb nexus 6p a year ago a whole lot easier.