Interview with Joey Salads

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  • [BOT] Interview with Joey Salads | Basically, Joey knew what he did was wrong and wanted views and Ethain calls him out on his bullshit and Joey says more bullshit on the claim of his bullshit. Which is bullshit. [Chris]
  • Joey Salads, guy responsible for various racist faked social experiments that were pro-trump, gets ass-blasted for 20 minutes and admits he's a liar
  • bias:Hillary:8982 posts in support since Oct 15,2016:Joey Salads accepts on tape he faked all this pro-Trump Racist "social experiments"
  • bias:Hillary:8851 posts in support since Oct 15,2016:Trump support Joey Salads gets DESTROYED in an interview about his fake videos
  • Ethan from H3H3 productions confronts a youtube "prankster" after calling bullshit on several video
  • Interview with the idiot who staged racist "prank" video with Trump Car in Black Neighborhood
  • Ethan from h3h3Productions interviews Joey Salads to talk about his fake and racist pranks
  • Joey Salads does and interview with the guy who made the exposed video yesterday
  • Holy Shit. Papa blesses us with one soadie-pop of an interview with Joey Salads
  • h3h3 & Joey Salads interview about his latest "social experiment"
  • Interview with Joey Lettuce by H3H3
  • Interview with Joey Salads [h3h3]
  • H3H3 Interviews Joey Salads
  • This is it, Ethan vs Joey!